About Cookies

According to EU directives, everyone who visits a website shall be informed about the usage of cookies and be given the opportunity to refuse such usage.


A cookie consists of small pieces of information sent by the website to your browser and saved to text files on your computer. These files require very little space on your hard drive.

Next time you visit the site or load a sub-page your browser resends this information, which enables the website to save settings that you have made on the page and keep track of the number of new visitors loading the page.


This website uses the Google Analytics web tool to get information about the popularity of the site and which pages get the most attention. This helps us improve the site structure and user content.

Google Analytics uses three cookies: A session cookie, which is deleted when you leave the page, a cookie that is saved for thirty minutes and a third cookie that is saved for two years. The cookies are stored by Google Inc. and collect information about the number of site visits, page views, etc.

The visitor statistics received by Google Analytics are completely anonymous and Google is unable to associate IP addresses with other data held by Google.

The site also uses a cookie to remember logged in users, in order to avoid having to enter username and password every time a new page is loaded. This cookie contains an encrypted, randomly generated text string (key ) associated with a particular user and is only active when you log on to the Ntex intranet. The cookie is removed immediately after logout.


If you do not want to use cookies, you can disable cookies in your browser security settings. You can set your browser to ask you each time a site wants to send a cookie to your browser, and to let you choose whether to save the cookie or not. You can also see which cookies and what information is stored in your browser and choose to delete individual cookies.

Please refer to your browser's help section for more information on this.

Google also offers a plugin for common browsers, that prevents Google from collecting your visitor statistics. You can download the plugin by clicking here.

By allowing your browser to use cookies and by continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies.